Petroleum Equipment
We pursue the creation of customer value and strive for technological innovation. Our independently developed series of high-end intelligent petroleum equipment are patented both in China and overseas. These products have international advanced level and are highly appraised by users around the world.

Combined Hydraulic Power Unit is an advanced hydraulic power station designed for powering various hydraulic driven equipment on drilling platforms and land rigs. JJC combined HPU applying patented breathing reservoir creates a micro positive pressure in full closed tank. Combined together unloading overflow constant pressure control, power control and flow control to achieve high control stiffness, fast dynamic response and energy saving & environmental protection. The whole product line is equipped with oil temperature control system, oil condition monitoring system and alarm system, remote control / local control switching. Remote pressure and flow monitoring function is optional.


High Reliability

Patented technology of fully isolated tank and breathing reservoir design, effectively ensures the purity of the hydraulic oil and significantly extends the service life of hydraulic components. Electrical control and hydraulic system components are of top-of-the-line quality, with lower failure rat

Fast Dynamic Response

Patented hydraulic control system through combined together unloading overflow constant pressure control, power control and flow control to achieve fast dynamic response, high control stiffness, which helps reduce the energy consumption and low heat production in standby mode.

Energy Conservation and Environment Protection

Patented breathing reservoir keeps the hydraulic oil isolated away from the air outside, avoids pollution and oxidation caused by dust and water in the ambient air, greatly extends the replacement cycle and service life of hydraulic oil, hydraulic control system ensures low temperature rise of hydra

Low Leakage

The system can adapt temperature to make the oil temperature stable while still ensuring the dynamic response speed and control stiffness. The system is equipped with imported control valve, joints and pipeline to reduce the leakage.

High Cleanness

In the working process of the hydraulic power unit, through the contraction and expansion of the breathing reservoir in the oil tank, the pressure inside and outside the oil tank is always balanced, and the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is always isolated from the air outside, so as to effectively e


Modularized and compact design, "Rig Total Integrated Control" port ready for new-build rigs and customized rig upgrade request. Provides a complete line of models suitable for different rigs and configurations, and customized design available upon request.

Techincal Specifications
The unit has 7 outlets to provide power for the operation of derrick buffer, hydraulic cat head, hydraulic tongs, derrick translation and spare ports, etc.
Rated Pressure
16/21MPa (2300psi/3000psi)
Rated Flow
120LPM (53GPM)
Motor Power
Eletrical Power
380V/50Hz | 460V/60Hz
2,200mm × 1,800mm × 1,950mm
(86.6 ″ ×70.8″ ×76.7″)
2,800kg (6,160Ibs)