Petroleum Equipment
We pursue the creation of customer value and strive for technological innovation. Our independently developed series of high-end intelligent petroleum equipment are patented both in China and overseas. These products have international advanced level and are highly appraised by users around the world.
Hydraulic Power Slip Handler

The JJC Powered Slip Handler is hydraulic powered, electronically controlled automatic slip handler. It is compact, safe and reliable. It fits the slip to drill pipe position, provides stable downward pressure, high success rate of slip setting. Provide reliable feedback of loading and unloading signal. Its control circuit can be integrated into different rig control systems, to realize automatic operation.


High Efficiency

Through electrical over hydraulic drive mechanism to realized fast setting and releasing of the slips, it may be operated through the rig integrated control system, to achieve safe and efficient wellhead automatic operation.


Patented design, automatic compensation and adaptation of drilling tool wellhead offset, stable down pressure after slip setting, high success rate of slip setting; It can provide reliable signal feedback of setting and releasing, and the operation is safer.


Compact and easy to install. Smaller size and lighter weight, easy installation at wellhead. Compared with competing products, lower maintenance cost and higher reliability.

Higher Reliability

Patented design, reasonable structure, can better adapt to various drilling conditions, to achieve reliable and efficient setting and releasing of slips, can completely avoid the failure of drilling tool stuck, operation safety is higher.


Local, remote, driller, and integrated control options are available that can be individually deployed at the rig wellhead to reduce labor intensity, as well as to meet the needs of new-build rigs and existing rig automation.

Avoid wellhead intervention

Keeps slips away from the well hole during stand-by. Completely avoid the collision and damage between slips and drilling joints, adapt to a variety of operating conditions. No need to frequently install and uninstall, labor- saved.

Techincal Specifications
Pipe Range
2-3/8″ ~ 7″
Rated Pressure
16Mpa (2,300psi)
Rated Flow
15LPM (4GPM)
Local, Remote and Integrated Control
775 mm x 475 mm x 1,125mm
(30.5″ x 18.7″ x 44.3″)
250kg (550lbs)