Petroleum Equipment
We pursue the creation of customer value and strive for technological innovation. Our independently developed series of high-end intelligent petroleum equipment are patented both in China and overseas. These products have international advanced level and are highly appraised by users around the world.
Compact Smart Wrench

The equipment applies unique designed extension arm, and optimized spinning wrench and torque wrench. It is more compact, smaller and lighter which is suitable for rigs with limited drill floor, such as trailer mounted rigs, and truck mounted rigs. AI machine vision and low-temperature upgrade packages are optional.



Innovatively, quick grasping pipe tongs, chain pliers method and elbow bionics technology are applied to the make-up, break-out and spinning operations of the drilling tubulars, results in reasonable operation mode, simple structure and high reliability. Upgraded high-strength tong jaws and spinning

High Efficiency

Patented continuous chain spinner effectively reduces damage to the pipe. Patented torque wrench applying the principle of quick grasping pipe tongs adapts to different pipe sizes, eliminating the need to replace tongs or holders, ensuring high efficiency and minimizing damage to pipe joints.

Small size and light weight

Compared with equivalent products, the equipment has the smallest footprint and lightest weight. It can be installed in the front of the driller across the wellhead so that the driller can see the jaw and tool joint directly. It has the lowest hydraulic pressure request and higher safety level.

Easy Maintenance

The structure is simple and reasonable applying modular structural design, more convenient for maintenance. Durable and robust, low failure rate, less maintenance, and lower maintenance cost.

High level Intelligence

AI machine vision upgrade package: Deep learning algorithm is used to identify drilling tool joints intelligently, and one-button automatic operation is realized without manual search for joints, significantly increasing efficiency. Low temperature upgrade package: Intelligent ambient temperature se


Various optional kits for requested applications: low-temp kit, clamp head incline kit, one-button operation mode control kit. Local, remote, driller and integrated control options to meet the needs of new-build automatic rigs and existing rigs automatic reform.

Techincal Specifications
Hydraulic Requirement
Rated Pressure: 17.5MPa (2,500psi)
Max Pressure: 21MPa (3,000psi)
Rated Flow: 140LPM (37GPM)
Min Flow: 120LPM (32GPM)
Pipe Range
3-1/2 ″DP ~ 8 ″DC
Max. Spin Speed
80RPM @ 5 ″DP
Max. Spin Torque
5,000N·m (3,750ft-lb )
Max. Make-up Torque
80,000N·m (60,000ft-lb)
Max. Break-out Torque
110,000N·m (80,000ft-lb)
Joint Height
655mm ~ 1,655mm (25.8″~65.0″)
Horizontal Travel
1,450mm ~ 2,590mm (57.0″~102.0″)
Remote Control and Wireless Control (Standard)
( 48.4″×99.7″×55.9″)
3,470kg (7,650lbs)