Self-developed Products
Technical Service
On-site trouble-shooting, repair work, and baby-sitting service on top drive systems and rig control systems. Workshop repair, workshop overhaul work, on-site over haul work,and retrofitto the control systems of a variety of top drives. Trouble-shooting and repair work on theel ectrical and automation system soft the drilling rigs. On-site technical training and classroom training on topdrive systems, ironroughnecks,anddrilling rig electrical control systems.

Keeping the end users’value in mind and through rewarding
technological innovation and inspiring creativity, we succeeded
in the development of a number of patented products, which
are in accordance with global leading level and recognized by
our customers.

A quality spare parts service is critical to the drilling operatio
We set up three locations (office and warehouse) worldwide,
and stock a sufficient amount of parts based on our years of
practice, in order to provide a better pricing and delivery time
to help our customers to reduce the down-time of their rigs.
Spare Parts Service